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#LadiesFirst (@LadiesF1st) – Season 1, Episode 3 – #PipCares


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Our guests today on #LadiesFirst are: Ms. Iris J. Thompson, Brenda Blair &  Mr. Basir Kanaji M.A. of Positive Inspirational People (or PiP) Cares (


PIP’s mission is to seek out young adults (13-19 years of age) who are succeeding in their desired academic or career goals. These potential teen ambassadors must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and leadership qualities in order to become a teen ambassador. The teen ambassador is then linked to a PIP president who becomes their group mentor, academic advisor and resource advocate in order to keep track of their team’s academic progression, and social network. In addition, PIP members are individual’s (13-19) who are looking to succeed in their career and academic studies. These individual are then linked with a teen ambassador (with similar interest) and a PIP president who will assist


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Topics Discussed: What is PipCares?  |  The importance of a healthy mother daughter relationship  |  Temple’s ABE Program  |  Why Iris chose mentoring  |  The plight of children in Africa  |  The role music plays in a childs life  |  Being a young mother  |


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