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#PodcastWednesdays – S4,E1 – #MCHG, #Yeezus, #TheGifted, #BornSinner Oh My! [Season 4 Premiere]

#PodcastWednesdaysAnnnnd we’re back! Season: Four, Episode: One – #MCHG, #Yeezus, #TheGifted, #BornSinner Oh My! [Season 4 Premiere] – The Podcast Wednesdays crew had an engaging album review session about Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail as well as Wale’s The Gifted and J. Cole’s Born Sinner with Sëla (MJ Harris, David Little, and Margel Sophant) & Frosty LIVE from our NEW website & our NEW studio on South St in Philly.

Come check out why Jay-Z is the Steve Jobs of Rap, J. Cole is the new Memphis Bleek, Samsung users are not special,  David feels as though Yeezy was “drawlin'”, Kanye having an identity crisis and also come listen to MJ’s strong views on J. Cole.  All you have to do is to follow the link below, click play, and allow us to bring some joy into your day. Welcome back to #PodcastWednesdays… Forward this to your coworkers accordingly.

ALSO: If you’re in Philly and would like to celebrate the Season Premiere with us tonight, the event begins at 7pm at our studio CRED Philly 325 South St Phila, Pa at 7pm. See you there


Topics Discussed:    Is Kanye having an identity crisis?  Gem: Rick Rubin fixed Yeezus 15 days before release  |  Frosty doesn’t listen to music he just skims through it  |  “That jawn was drawlin”  |  #PCW Gem: Jay-Z is the Steve Jobs of Rap  |  Philly rappers cant write songs  |  Kim drove Kanye crazy and made KimYe  |  Peedi Crakk & Black Thought: Godfathers?  |  Free French Montana concert vs paying to do something else  |  Samsung users: You are not special  |  Instagram Vs Vine  |  J. Cole is the new Memphis Bleek  |  Children wit Erykah Badu

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Jay-Z – Picasso Baby

2. Kanye West – Bound

3. J. Cole – Villuminati

4. Wale – Love/Hate Thing





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