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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) Season 3,Episode 1- #LiveFromTheBeeeyotch w/@TyroneSmart @ChillMoody @AshleyL_ & More


Welcome back welcome back welcome baaaaack! Looking spiffy there Ms/Mr *insert your name here*. Welcome back to #PodcastWednesdays for Season 3. We have alot of surprises in store for you and this first episode is just a taste. This episode was recorded on Podcast Wednesdays private beach which you may be invited to if you win our mid-season contest… maybe… Plug in, Tune out and enjoy!!!

Favorite quote of Season 3 so far comes from a frequent guest and friend of the show @ChillMoody “Yo, dont drink that beer….cause its lighter fluid”


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Topics Discussed: Project X  |  Where a wrong turn in the Bermuda Triangle leads  |  The Tickle Monster  |  Who cant swim?  |  What is the “Wobble” dance?  |  New rules at Fat Tuesdays  |  Murder at PYT  |  Gay comic book hereos  |  Flavorless Gum  |  Chill Moody’s upcoming projects & why he is an X-Man  |  Moni lost her iPhone…in the water  |  The new “Youth Study Center”  |  & MUCH MUCH MORE…




This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Jay-Z – 1 Kings

2. Chill Moody – A Tribe Called Nice Things

3. Andre 3000 – Sixteen

4. Kanye West – Birthday Song

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