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#PodcastWednesdays TV: The GLOW of Ameerah K (@AmeerahKArt) [VIDEO/PHOTOS]



After #PodcastWednesdays ‘ live stream of Ameerah K’s amazing glow in the dark art show. GLOW! – Hip-Hop Artists Of The Past,Present & Future, we caught up with Ms Ameerah K to talk about her inspirations, the difficulty of creation and much more…



[flagallery album=10 skin=stylishgrey align=center name=Glow]

[LIVE] Ameerah K (@AmeerahKArt) Presents: #GLOW LIVE! Hip-Hop Artists Of The Past,Present & Future

Ameerah K Art Presents Glow Live

Come join Ameerah K. Art as she illuminates the evening of September 29, 2012 with GLOW.

Sole II Soul Restaurant
6139 Ridge Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19128