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#PodcastWednesdays Presents: #LadiesFirst [PILOT SEASON FINALE] S0, Ep 6 – #LiveFromTheHallway w/ @TheBeeShine




Today on #PodcastWednesdays Presents: #LadiesFirst Hosted By @MelissaKSimmons @Elle__Tee & @WalknMannequin , In Lex’s absence, The ladies interview Brian Shiner, founder of



Topics Discussed: What Inspires You?  |  How The Bee Shine Came About  |  What is the future of online Hip-hop?  |  Is your digital privacy private?  |  what is really hip-hop  |  What new school artists have lasting impact?  |  Classiest sexy female entertainer  |





“The vision of TheBeeShine is to capture inspiration from hip hop pioneers, golden era artists, contributors, and quality hip hop artists today. This includes DJs, emcees, producers, b-boys, graffiti artists, and other influential figures that have helped shape the culture”

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 “The founders of hip-hop are still around…you cant do that with any other genre”

– Brian Shiner 




This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Dido –  Feat Kendrick Lamar

2. Cassidy – Condom Style

3. Rihanna – Loveeee Song Feat Future

4. Eve – No Matter What


#PodcastWednesdays 1 Year Anniversary w/@PhillySK @EvanPolk @GetLittle @ChillMoody @HankMcCoyBeats

Welcome welcome WELCOME BACK! Today is a special day for #PodcastWednesdays

(besides the day grown men wear make-up & that women get a pass dress like whores)

Today is the 1 year anniversary of #PodcastWednesdays… Enjoy!

Our guests today include some of our favorite people from year 1: Hip-hop artists S.K. (@PhillySK), Chill Moody (@ChillMoody), David Little (@GetLittle), Comedian Evan Polk (@EvanPolk), Producer Hank McCoy, The Dialolical (@HankMcCoyBeats), Nibby (@Nibbles_onyou),  Will (@AmbitiousMusics)


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Topics Discussed: Chill’s space boots  |  3 Things You Would Need In A Hurricane  |  Memories from year one  |  Evan’s mouse  |  Sela’s famous FML Story  |  Black Quarterbacks Vs White Quarterbacks  |  The Moms episode  |  Spit didnt listen to Miguel  |  Sponsored by Under Armour  |  Muslim is an ethnicity now  |  Peppermint Patty shots  |  Miguel = R&B Jesus  |  “Secret Departments”  |  Elle Tee cant talk about s*x  |  Chill & Evan’s FML Story  |  Shop lifting is not stealing  |




This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Chill Moody – White Power

2. S.K. – Respect (Prod. Hank McCoy)

3. Sela – Grown Up Story

4. Kendrick Lamar – County Building Blues

#PodcastWednesdays TV: The GLOW of Ameerah K (@AmeerahKArt) [VIDEO/PHOTOS]



After #PodcastWednesdays ‘ live stream of Ameerah K’s amazing glow in the dark art show. GLOW! – Hip-Hop Artists Of The Past,Present & Future, we caught up with Ms Ameerah K to talk about her inspirations, the difficulty of creation and much more…



[flagallery album=10 skin=stylishgrey align=center name=Glow]

[LIVE] Ameerah K (@AmeerahKArt) Presents: #GLOW LIVE! Hip-Hop Artists Of The Past,Present & Future

Ameerah K Art Presents Glow Live

Come join Ameerah K. Art as she illuminates the evening of September 29, 2012 with GLOW.

Sole II Soul Restaurant
6139 Ridge Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19128