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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S4, E8 – #Truth Is #MyNameIsMyName


Today we discover a group of people called #TwerkersForTrayvon … Yes, that really exists… Nothing else we really need to write here. Prepare to be edu-tained.

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You ignoran n*ggas of all races… why yo? Why??

Topics Discussed: Marching for??  |  #Community returns w/Dan Harmon  |  Insomnia  |  #TwerkersForTrayvon  |  Rainbow Ranger  |  Where were the riots?  |  Childish Gambino is F*cking up again  |  When your kids grow up, they’re gonna hate you  | The Fuitvale Station Screening at Ritz 5  |  #NextSteps  |  


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Trayvon Martin Party Flyer

You douche bags REALLY did this huh?

This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Dice Raw – Runaway

2. Jhene Aiko ft Childish Gambino – Bed Peace

3. Stalley feat. Schoolboy Q – NineteenEighty7 (prod. by Terrace Martin)

4. Drake Feat Jay-Z – Pound Cake

 5. Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar – Nosetalgia




#PodcastWednesdays OffSeason 2 – #BattleOfTheSexists


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Topics Discussed: EVERYTHING!!!… But to be slightly more specific | The plight of being lightskinned in America  |  Young moms  |  R. Kelly  |  Clint Coley’s prayer  |  Tee’s birthday  |



This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. T.I. Feat B.O.B. , Kendrick Lamar & Kris Stephens – Memories Back Then

2. Drake – 5am In Toronto

3. S.K. – Somebody Tell Em

4. Tox Burner – Time To Eat

#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S3, Ep 13 #MADpodcast

Today on #PodcastWednesdays it was not planned to be but it turned into the… #MADpodcast episode.


Our guests today include: … Ummm… Us

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Topics Discussed: SECOND ANNUAL PHILADELPHIA INTER-COMMUNAL GIVEBACK FEAST/CONCERT  |  The Coalition ONE  |  X-Men  |  Continuity  |  Who pays to attack Donald Trump  |  The best rapper in Philadelphia  |  Fiction is real |  Google Vs Wikipedia  |  Why Spider-man sucked and why they’re suing Jamie Foxx  | & MORE… (We “nerded” out a little this week)



This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Yasin Bey – I Dont Like Freestyle

2. Al 1Thing – Sleep On

3. Freeway – True Feat Wale

4. T.I. – Sorry Feat Andre 3000 (HE MURDERED THIS!!)

#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S3, Ep11 #StillDriven w/@AugustUBM @AmbitiousMusic @StillDrivenInc



#PodcastWednesdays guests today include: August – Rapper (United Business Men/Still Driven), Will Ambitio (Ambitious Music/N.O.C. Battle League) & Delly Del – COO Still Driven Inc.

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Topics Discussed:Woolworths going out of business  |  Jersey = East Philly  | Adele is NOT Estelle  |  The definition of Still Driven  |  Recording in the closet  |  “Still Driven Weekend”  |  Canibus’ battle loss  |  “Cassidy birthed a generation of punchline rappers”  |  The Philly bandwagon  |  Name that tune  |  What is swag pop  |        




This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. August – Silly Love Song Feat Chill Moody

2. J. Cole – Miss America

3. August – Ready To Party

PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S3, Ep11 #StillDriven w/@AugustUBM @AmbitiousMusic @StillDrivenInc  – I AM NOT A RAPPER



About August:

When you think of August you tend to think of the sweltering & unbearable heat, the mercury rising, and one of the hottest months of the year! Well, its no coincidence that this young aspiring artist from West Philadelphia was given this name because of his lyrical ability to destroy any emcee who wishes to contest the greatness within him. Thus, August is his name and you can compare his lyrical onslaught to the hottest months of the season. Without question, he will continuously bring you heat the naysayer will have no choice but to fold under the pressure and become a believer.

August started writing rhythms at the age of 13 where he would form a group with 3 of his neighborhood friends called the Linkz. It was at this age where he would meet his fellow label mate, Five Grand & Allen Prezie Stokes at the Global Recording Group, who would take interest in the 3 youngsters and begin artist development shortly after. In 2004, August would make it to the semi-finals of the WUSLs Rock The Mic Tour rap contest which ultimately landed him a permanent promotional advertisement slot for Jonesy’s mourning show on Philadelphia’s 103.9 The Beat. This would begin a trend of other Philly artist to follow thereafter.

August style is very aggressive as he comes off in songs that are inspired by the street antics of his neighborhood. The average listener can definitely hear the hunger in his delivery from the first verse to the last. The work ethic can be describe as that of a machine and he paints a picture through his music for you to visualize that he does not plan to stop until he is on the top of everyone’s list. With a one of a kind delivery and still in his prime, August has a lot to offer to the hip hop game in the years to come. Attributing to his many influences are the greatest of emcees like Jay-Z, 2 Pac, and the Notorious B.I.G..

#PodcastWednesdays Presents: #LadiesFirst – S0, Ep 4 #CityOfQueens w/@SparkleGirlA @DpJeter @SparkleBySonjiB

#PodcastWednesdays Presents: #LadiesFirst – S0, Ep #CityOfQueens w/@SparkleGirlA @SparkleBySonjiB @DpJeter – I AM NOT A RAPPER

Our guests today include: Asia Sparks (Rap Artist), Sparkle Brooks (Mom-ager of Asia Sparks, Business Owner, Celebrity Wife), Danielle Jeter (Event  Planner/Entrepreneur)

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Topics Discussed: What would you need on a deserted island?  |  How would you rate yourself on youpr “weirdo” scale?  | What is being suiccessful?  |  The rise of Asia Sparks  | Danielle’s Jeter’s event, The City Of Lights  |  Role models  |  What happened to Lil Kim?  |  Party music x Stripper music Vs Real life  |  Where is the censorship?  |  Mariah Carey Vs Nicki Minaj  |  Cute & corny works  |  Gabby Douglas  |  Inspiration  |   Spongebob was created as an adult cartoon  |


This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Asia Sparks – Sparkle Girl Cypher

2. Kendrick Lamar – Dump’n (Jig Is Up) [Prod. By J. Cole]

3. Asia Sparks – My Introduction (Freestyle)

About Asia Sparks: (Written By @King_Spit)

Blessed with raw talent, substance, and style, Asia Sparks is the definition of what a female emcee should be. Born in Philadelphia, Asia lived in various cities growing up before finally settling in South Jersey.  In her youth, Asia wrote down her thoughts and experiences in a journal, later transforming her writings into music. Always having dreams of being a star, it wasn’t until 2011, after participating in a rap cypher, that Asia Sparks knew it was time to show the world just how talented she truly is. Now she expresses her creative energy and dynamic flow as an equally talented rapper and vocalist.

Asia Sparks’ unique ability to mix street-smart attitude, hip-hop swagger, sex appeal, and  raw lyrics, has resulted in an entirely fresh sound of her own.   Through her music, Asia offers a candid glimpse of her life and perspectives as a woman:


I give off a militant vibe and feminist power. I’m creating a new generation of hustlers. I want to spark up a new world of grinders especially in females.”


Heralded by the press and the industry as a force to be reckoned with, Asia Sparks shows no signs of slowing down. Her first viral music video Cypher took the internet by storm.  Receiving compliments from the likes of 50 cent and Fat Joe, Cypher received over 17k hits in 2 days. Asia is currently in the studio working on her debut album.  With the help of her mom/manager Sonji Brooks and sister, Jasmine Johnson, Asia also has plans on growing her brand by debuting Sparkle Girl and Spark Boy clothing lines, Sparkle Girl calendars, and Sparkle Girl TV.

Asia Sparks has received praise from critics and fans for her undeniable talent, fiery new sound, and edgy lyrics. Mixing both her incredible skills as a lyricist, rapper, and singer, Asia Sparks is destined to become one of hip-hop’s biggest stars and most versatile artists.


#PodcastWednesdays 1 Year Anniversary w/@PhillySK @EvanPolk @GetLittle @ChillMoody @HankMcCoyBeats

Welcome welcome WELCOME BACK! Today is a special day for #PodcastWednesdays

(besides the day grown men wear make-up & that women get a pass dress like whores)

Today is the 1 year anniversary of #PodcastWednesdays… Enjoy!

Our guests today include some of our favorite people from year 1: Hip-hop artists S.K. (@PhillySK), Chill Moody (@ChillMoody), David Little (@GetLittle), Comedian Evan Polk (@EvanPolk), Producer Hank McCoy, The Dialolical (@HankMcCoyBeats), Nibby (@Nibbles_onyou),  Will (@AmbitiousMusics)


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Topics Discussed: Chill’s space boots  |  3 Things You Would Need In A Hurricane  |  Memories from year one  |  Evan’s mouse  |  Sela’s famous FML Story  |  Black Quarterbacks Vs White Quarterbacks  |  The Moms episode  |  Spit didnt listen to Miguel  |  Sponsored by Under Armour  |  Muslim is an ethnicity now  |  Peppermint Patty shots  |  Miguel = R&B Jesus  |  “Secret Departments”  |  Elle Tee cant talk about s*x  |  Chill & Evan’s FML Story  |  Shop lifting is not stealing  |




This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Chill Moody – White Power

2. S.K. – Respect (Prod. Hank McCoy)

3. Sela – Grown Up Story

4. Kendrick Lamar – County Building Blues

#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S3, Ep9 #YouGonGetThisWork w/@Elle__Tee @HeavyAsHeaven84 @King_Spit


Our guests today include: NO-BODY but PodcastWednesdays

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Topics Discussed: Rappers are chattle  | Where were you on 9/11/2001?  |  Don’t hang with drug dealers  |  Santa Claus is Jesus’ brother  |  Loaded Lux Vs Calicoe  |  Independence Day 2: July 5th  |  Hollow Tips – Bang Wit Us Or Get Banged  |  What part of Philly are you from? 2  |  Elle Tee’s spanish lesson  |  38 Time Dollar Tree employee of the month  |  So Melissa walks into the vatican…  |  Trevor committed suicide  |  Hip-hop marketing money  |







This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Black Hippy Remix) Feat Jay Rock, Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q

2. A$AP Rocky – Fucking Problem Feat. Drake, Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz

3. Asher Roth – Wrestling Is Fake

4.The Black Keys x RZA – Greatest Man Alive


#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds): #LadiesFirst S0, Ep2 – #MsUnderstood w/@SincerelyReeta @JessJess_85 @DJ_G33K

Welcome to #LadiesFirst hosted by Melissa K Simmons (@MelissaKSimmons) Ladies listen up, fellas tune in and when you’re done leave us a comment or two with your feedback.

Our guests today include: Journalist – Syreeta Martin (@SincerelyReeta), Jewelry Designer – Jessica Massaquoi (@JessJess_85),  DJ –  Zuri Stone (@DJ_G33K)

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Topics Discussed: DJ G33k “I’m everywhere you want me to be”  |  How It All Began  |  Strong Positive Black Women  |  Wiz Khalifa is a Heaux Cuffer  |  When One Door Closes…  |  Relaxation = Doing Things In Your Panties  |  Twitter wont get you a good man  |  VMAs Vs DNC Convention  |  Every Man Wants A Michelle, But Are You A Barack?  |  Dealing With Life Issues  |

This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. GoGo Morrow – HD

2. Suzann Christine – Selfish Boy Feat Lee Mazin

3. Bianca Raquel – F*ck It Song


#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S3, E6 – #1ThingWednesdays w/@Al_1Thing @Jada_Lovell @DanaBlack55St @_CDiddy

Welcome back ears across the world. Thanks for coming back for another verbal beating…again. This week we have another big episode for you all. Our Guests are People Like Us Media (pictured above) which features CEO – C. Diddy, Dana Black, Jada Lovell & front man/spokesperson (you’ll see) Al 1 Thing. This episode was alot of fun but youll have to tune in to see… A Part 2 is in the works…

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Topics Discussed: Random Question Game  |  Al 1 Thing Introduces… Al 1 Thing  |  Does Nas Using Ghostwriters Discredit His Legacy  |  Gambling Addiction  |  The person under the layers  |    Where did the name “People Like U$” come from?  |  If You Were Going To Die Tomorrow, What Would You Do  |  Jada Lovell, the silent killer  | If You Could Only Follow 1 Person On Twitter/Instagram, Who Would It Be  |  No Men On Your MySpace FriendList  |  Word Association

This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. al 1 Thing – Feelin Aint The Same

2. Kanye West & R. Kelly – To The World

3. Al 1 Thing – Too Damn Hot Feat BooBonic