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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S4,E4 – #StopBullying w/DJ Yazir (@DjYazir) & Za Za (@Za85131221)


Today we speak with a rising positive young role model for the #StopBullying movement 13 year old Zakiyyah Whitfield, her producer DJ Yazir & legendary singer Ms Natasha Mayfield Glass. We were very impressed with Za’s story but but we’ll let Za Za tell it:

“I share my love for music through study, practice and performance. I strive to be educational, entertaining and inspirational. I pursue excellence and professionalism in all aspects of an organization. I seek to build a movement that will help the youth. I believe in community service through the sharing of talents and resources. I want to be known for my messages that will be delivered through my voice and lyrics. I will not let anyone kill my shine because I bring the light into the darkness.”


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Topics Discussed: Why should we #StopBullying  |  The recording process  |  What the youth need  |  What is Vivian Green up to  |  Mom (Natasha Mayfield Glass) stopped her singing career for Za  |  How parents handle bullying  |  Minister Blair, Pope Golden & Reverend Lambert  |  Motivational words for the next generation  |  Rihanna is not a role model  |  You couldnt get on #PodcastWednesdays?… Dont be mad, just work harder… you see, “its a frustrating time for alot of people right now”, Ha!

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. ZaZA – It Will Never Work (Produced By DJ Yazir)

2. Lupe Fiasco – SLR 3 (Kendrick Lamar “Control” response – Winner)

3. Bruno Mars – Treasure

4. Big Sean – Nothing Is Stopping You




Zakiyyah Whitfield is her name, 13 years old is her age. Zakiyyah Whitfield was born February 14, 2000. Zakiyyah is the daughter of Natasha Mayfield Glass and Rufus Whitfield. Zakiyyah is from Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania She attended Global Leadership Academy, was homeschooled for a year, went to Overbrook Elementary, Islamic school for a year and now she attends KIP West Philadelphia. She started singing at the age of 2; her mother Natasha inspired her to be a singer. Zakiyyah’s first song she sang at the age of 2 was Mary J. Blidge “Be Without You.”After that she was in her school play The Wiz playing the tin-man at KIP. Her favorite singers are Rihanna, Kelly Price, and Chris Brown. Zakiyyah Whitfield was bullied in her school constantly about her religion (being Muslim) and herself. Every since Zakiyyah mother seen the potential in her daughter, she wanted her to come out of her shell and share her voice. This was always Zakiyyah’s dream, to be a singer and to express herself through her music. “When I first heard my daughter sing the Mary J. Blidge song, I was blown away,” Zakiyyah mother said. Zakiyyah wants to a role model to her youth, that’s why she started her own movement to stop the bullying in schools. Her first hit song “it will never work,” relates to anti-bullying. Her voice is not the only thing that is powerful; her songs tell stories and let you feel her emotions pour though her lyrics. Zakiyyah Whitfield is the next big thing; she will shine through her music and shine for her youth and all communities. She will not stop until she is on top


#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S4,E3 – #JusticeForTrayvon Vs #JusticeForPublicSchools


A group of VERY angry black people convene just hours after the George Zimmerman verdict was handed down to express our anger in a healthy way… Sort of… This episode features the good folks of the Sela collective


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Topics Discussed: Amadou Diallo  |  Oscar Grant  |  Social media revolution?  |  Zo Weekend  |  MMA/UFC Ground & Pound  |  Posession is 9/10ths of the law  |  Fruitvale Station  |  Sandy Hook: Fake  |  Egypt Revolt: Fake?  |  Radical Muslim Groups: Fake?  |  Flash Amorosos  |  Build a school or buy some Jordans?  |  Inter-Racism  |  Philadelphia’s $400 million prison and 30+ school closings  |  The Butler (Movie)  |  Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela  |  #PodcastWednesdays

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Lupe Fiasco – Dope Francis (American Trap)

2. Chance The Rapper – Juice

3. Kendrick Lamar – Control Feat Big Sean (whose song it is) & Jay Electronica-Rothschild





#PodcastWednesdays Presents: I Am Not A Mixtape Vol. 1 (w/@SeanFalyon) [STREAM/DOWNLOAD]


DOWNLOAD LINK: #PodcastWednesdays Presents: I Am Not A Mixtape Vol. 1

Mixtape: PodcastWednesdays – GetRightMusic

Annnnd We’re BACK! This is the end, not the end of #PodcastWednesdays but the end of season two. Instead of ending season two with extra clips from this season; we’re ending it with some good music and fun interlude clips. Since we talk and talk and do more talking each and every episode of Podcast Wednesdays; we decided to do a switch by giving you all more music and less talking.

Four members of Podcast Wednesdays picked three songs each and Spit’s three songs came from three winners for the unsigned artist contest. Sprinkle this mixtape with five different personalities and SHAZAM! Podcast Wednesdays Presents: I Am Not A Mixtape Vol. 1.

Do you think you know each member of #PodcastWednesdays? Do you think you can figure out who chose which song?

Peace, share, and enjoy!

See you guys in season three!


The Tracks

Najinal the Creator Intro
Matt & Kim – Daylight
Common – The Light

Interlude N!gger.
Goose Featuring The Medley – CHANGES
Jay Electronica Featuring Jay-Z & The-Dream – Shiny Suit Theory

The International MC – With You
#StateOfTheLightSkinnedAddress Interlude
FrankOcean Featuring Andre 3000 – Pink Matter

Animal Collective – My Girls
Talib Kweli Featuring Faith – We know
Walk the Moon – Anna Sun
MC Missy Interlude
Scienze x King I Divine – Hero
AZ – Can’t Stop
Legit – Soul of Revelations
Gay Interlude

Twin Shadow – Patient
Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sean Falyon (@SeanFalyon) Interview Outro


#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, Ep 14 #LegallyConscious w/@DpJeter @AffairsofIsis

Affairs Of Isis Events

What time is it?? Well, its 11:11 (somewhere) and on Wednesdays mornings you know what that means!! #PodcastWednesdays time!! Today on part 1 of another 2 part show, We have the lovely descendant of the Queen Goddess Isis, Danielle Jeter. Danielle ,Dani for short, is the Government & Regulatory Affairs  coordinator at Comcast, Founder/CEO of “Affairs Of Isis Events”, Radio One Phila Producer of Court Radio w/ @MyPhillyLawyer & Philly Speaks w/ @EStevenCollins, & MUCH MUCH More! (She does waaaaay too much for me to type it all, sound familiar?)


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Topics Discussed: New Age Cooning | How Dr Malachi York had his land stolen in Atlanta |  Pursuing a passion since childhood  |  The Miami man who had his face eaten by a homeless man  |  Minstrel shows  |  Glee has a reality show  |  What does S.W.A.G. mean?  |  Reasons NOT to do bath salts  |  Phrases Spit hates  |  Being Gay Vs Acting Gay For Fame  |  Blair: “They should make a reality show for muslim wives”

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad

2. Jay Electronica – Love Czars II Feat Sa-Ra


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