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#PodcastWednesdays – S4,E2 – #OJDidIt …Oh & Btw #Happy40thBlair

#PodcastWednesdays S4 Ep 2

Today marks two milestones in Amerikkkan Black history. 1 the return to #PodcastWednesdays of the greatest & the whitest white man that ever lived (Sorry Michael McDonald) Kevin & also today is the 40th birthday of #PodcastWednesdays co-founder Blair a.k.a. darkness a.k.a. midnight a.k.a. Jerome Newport (blackest rap name ever). Help us celebrate once again… Enjoy

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Topics Discussed: No Country For A-Rod  |  Mansa Musa  | Spit killed Kim Jong IL | Playing footsies  |  PodcastWednesdays Season Premiere Event  |  Fake holidays  |  OJ Did It: Redux  |  KKKevin  |  6 Seasons And A Movie?  |  Najee is “Baker”  |  America has turned me into a racist  |  The man in the “Papi” store is not your dad  |  Before #PodcastWednesdays  |  Huntington Beach Riots  | & MORE!

Ay Kevin… You mad bro?


I Am Not A Rapper Presents: ___ Podcast – Season 1,Episode 7 – #BMWPodcast

Wasup people? We know that their are more than 7 of you now…at  least 8. Welcome back to #PodcastWednesday with us, more people you feel like you know now thanks to the internet.

We still dont have a name, but this week we have the trifectaSpit x Golden x Blair

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Topics Discussed: The “murder” of Kim Jong IL (  |  Amazon Exec Dies During 6 Minute Flight  |  #N*ggasAreTooFree Special Edition: KobeBryantWasTooFree  |  Facebook Suicides??  |  If you dont share your videogame controller…  |  Random friend requests  |  Floyd Mayweather “beats” his baby’s mom |    ATF/DC police create fake record label – onfisate rocket launcher  |  Ray J guest appears  |   Rare Kobe Bryant rap song  |  Is Drake a cop?  |  Allen Iverson’s nervous breakdown


This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1.) The Weeknd – D.D.

2.) Lil WayneKobe Bryant

3. Wale – Varsity Blues

4.) Kobe Bryant Feat Beanie Sigel & Black Thought Phillies Phinest (<—Sounds like the name of a drill team)