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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S3,Ep 4 – #NoSympathy At #TheReflectingPool w/@PhillySK @DreamChaserMJ


Today on #Podcastwednesdays we have two of our favorite artists in Philly & worldwide. Our guests today are S.K. (@PhillySK) & Mike King (@DreamChaserMJ) of Sëla (@SelaHipHop). They came to talk about their new albums which have dropped recently….and alot of other stuff as well.

Note: This episode is slightly longer than normal, but trust me, every moment of it is for your listening pleasure and you will NOT be disappointed


S.K. x WesManchild – No Sympathy [Review]

Mike King – The Reflecting Pool        [Review]


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Topics Discussed: Fishing for Retweets  |  Sandusky (Sandy) “The Tickle Monster”  |  Andy Reid  |  Gabrielle Douglas  |  The Making of S.K. x Wes Manchild’s No Sympathy  |  How to tell a fat girl on the internet  |  The Making Of Mike King’s The Reflecting Pool  |  No Gymnastics  |  Image is everything?  |  Rapper training  |  Last classic album you’ve heard  |  Where Is Mike Jones?  |  Inst-upidity  |  Grammar



This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Mike King – Say Goodnight Feat Mike O Hara & Elle Morris (NOTE: Yes we know we featured “Say Goodnight” already

2. S.K. x WesManchild – Fresh Out The Gutter

3. Mike King – Hood Rich (SaltPeppaKetchup) Feat Chill Moody, Chris Vance, David Little, Mazon, 

4. S.K. x WesManchild – Eddie (Kane) King Jr

More Than 100 Million Americans Now Listen to Online Radio By #PodcastWednesdays

This is a format exploding in front of our very eyes. It’s bigger than Pandora, and in fact, it’s the reason why Pandora has so many jabbing competitors!  According to just-released survey data from Edison Research and Arbitron, 103 million Americans are now accessing online radio in some form, in any month.

It’s a growth curve that looks like this:


That’s nearly 40 percent of the US population 12 or over, and a massive chunk of breathing Americans.  Which all sounds high-growth and rah-rah, but can the online radio sector afford its own growth?  Pandora is struggling to reach profitability, and serious questions now surround its financial model.  After all, the more listeners Pandora and the broader space attracts, the more money in licensing it has to pay – and so far, streams aren’t covering costs.

And they aren’t necessarily replacing traditional radio: 9 out of 10 Americans who listen to online radio still dial into a traditional, over-the-air AM or FM station.  In fact, on any given week, 87 percent of Americans who access platforms like Pandora have also listened to some form of ‘traditional,’ ‘terrestrial,’ or ‘from a tower’ radio station.

That smashes the notion that one format must replace another.  Indeed, we could be witnessing the development of the most overlapping and redundant media landscape in history.