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#ThrowbackThursday: #PodcastWednesdays BackstageTakeover w/Wes Manchild & Allison Barrie

#PodcastWednesdays Hard Rock Cafe BackstageTakeover
w/ Wes Manchild #WelcomeToTalentIsland
We interviewed Talent Island frequent producer Wes Manchild and coordinator Allison Barrie backstage at the sell out #WelcomeToTalentIsland Show @ The Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Philadelphia

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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S3, Ep8 – #PeacefulCircle w/@RhymeStreet @DTE__Tree @MannWarda_DTE


Our guests today include: Editor-In-Chief – Anthony James (RhymeStreet), Entrepreneurs – Peaceful Circle (@MannWarda_DTE x @ DTE__Tree x @PeacefulCircle)


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Topics Discussed: Mentored by Frank Lucas  |  “Water”  |  State Property Vs RocaFella  |  9-5 Vs The Block  |  Public Assistance  |  Marry Oprah  |  Dont Burn Your Bridges  |  Peaceful Circle  |  Rick Ross’ Sound Effect  |  Melissa f*cks with Judge Mathis  |  Willie Lynch Letter  |  Father Your Children  |  Popularity Vs Personality  |  Would You Rather?  |  Invisible Rape  |  Samsung Vs Apple  |

This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Kendrick Lamar – The Art Of Peer Pressure

2. S.K. – The Mack Feat Wes Manchild

3. Lupe Fiasco – Audobon Ballroom

4. Antwan Davis – Love & Hip-Hop



#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S3,Ep 4 – #NoSympathy At #TheReflectingPool w/@PhillySK @DreamChaserMJ


Today on #Podcastwednesdays we have two of our favorite artists in Philly & worldwide. Our guests today are S.K. (@PhillySK) & Mike King (@DreamChaserMJ) of Sëla (@SelaHipHop). They came to talk about their new albums which have dropped recently….and alot of other stuff as well.

Note: This episode is slightly longer than normal, but trust me, every moment of it is for your listening pleasure and you will NOT be disappointed


S.K. x WesManchild – No Sympathy [Review]

Mike King – The Reflecting Pool        [Review]


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@PhillySK @DreamChaserMJ

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Topics Discussed: Fishing for Retweets  |  Sandusky (Sandy) “The Tickle Monster”  |  Andy Reid  |  Gabrielle Douglas  |  The Making of S.K. x Wes Manchild’s No Sympathy  |  How to tell a fat girl on the internet  |  The Making Of Mike King’s The Reflecting Pool  |  No Gymnastics  |  Image is everything?  |  Rapper training  |  Last classic album you’ve heard  |  Where Is Mike Jones?  |  Inst-upidity  |  Grammar



This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Mike King – Say Goodnight Feat Mike O Hara & Elle Morris (NOTE: Yes we know we featured “Say Goodnight” already

2. S.K. x WesManchild – Fresh Out The Gutter

3. Mike King – Hood Rich (SaltPeppaKetchup) Feat Chill Moody, Chris Vance, David Little, Mazon, 

4. S.K. x WesManchild – Eddie (Kane) King Jr