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Lessons From My Former Self – Chapter 2: 5 Things I Know For Sure (By Andrea Walker)


#LessonsFromMyFormerSelf – 5 Things I Know For Sure

Ever listen to someone tell you a situation they are going through and you think to yourself “yup, been there, done that!” But, lets remember there was point in time where we didn’t know then what we know now. Face it, we didn’t know what we didn’t know. On this episode I discuss some critical lessons that I learned and I give my list of 5 Things I Know For Sure Now
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Our guest today on #PodcastWednesdays Season 2 Finale is actress/singer/model/producer/director/philanthropist Ms Jennifer Layne Park (@JLPisJLPisJLP)

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Topics Discussed: Podcast Rule #1: No Sex With The Guests  |  Chuck Phillips: “F*ck My Life”  |  How Jennifer got started in acting  |  Dont judge a book by its cover  |  Why Germany’s opinions barely count  |  Jennifer’s intiative to stop human trafficking  | Buying condoms  |  White people are confused  |  Retrospect shock of Jet Plane Jane’s use of the N word  |

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Ink & Dagger – We Live Despite Their Schemes

2.Face Off – Independent’s Day Feat S. Vic

3. Nas – Loco-Motive Feat Large Professor

4. Bonus*** – Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad ( Yes Again)