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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S3,Ep7 – #StandAndDeliver w/@ClintColey @ReggConquest @EvanPolk @ImDaveTemple


If you’re sitting down you shouldn’t be, you should be ready to #StandAndDeliver … Or you should sit your dumb a*s down and listen to the professional comedians do it. Today’s guests are the man of the hour, Clint Coley, who was filming his first Netflix standup special Stand & Deliver when we recorded this episode, Dave Temple, Evan Polk & Reggie Conquest (a.k.a. Lunch Lady Bul). This is one for the record books.

Special Guest co hosts: @Elle__Tee @MilanCache & @AshleyL_


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Topics Discussed: Game – What Part Of Philly Are You From?  |  Babies at shows  |  Worst Heckler Ever  |  If You Do A Song With R. Kelly, You’re Famous  |  College Boo = MCB  |  5 Future Goals  |  If You Dont Want AIDS, Stay Out Of SouthWest  |  Clint didnt finish shaving before the interview  |  1 Thing You Do Everyday Nobody Knows About  Funniest Rap Lyric  |  Homeboys In OuterSpace  |  Rin & Tin The Rapping Dalmations  |  Loyalty  |  Arguments = Military time  |  Water On Stage Is For Veteran Comedians  |  N*gga Tv Stops Arguments  |  Missing Vitamin Water Flavor |


This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Antwan Davis – Lucky Day

2. GoGo Morrow – HD

3. Goose – Make Believe

4. Aquil – The Ritual