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@TylerPerry Presents: #PodcastWednesdays Najienal, The Creator’s (@DJNasteeNaj) Hit Remakes


Happy Monday B!

Today we have a little treat for you. Its short… but so is your attention span. Now, we cannot fairly put this all on Najee (@DJNasteeNaj)…because this is more like quartet with Blair (@HeavyAsHeaven84), Frosty (@SFrosty215) & Zach (@FunZachUniverse). For the record, Spit (@IAmNotARapper58) had nothing to do with this…umm…yeah.

Full episode on Wednesday… Stay tuned…

#PodcastWednesdays – S2,E1 #LabelSlaves w/@MadisonAve215 @LabelSlaveLady @Snacks215 @SFrosty215


Ok so now the cat is out of the bag… There is a season 2 (it does exist) @MadisonAve215 @LabelSlaveLady @Snacks215 @SFrosty215

Topics Discussed:  Why the name Label Slaves?  |  @Snacks215 FML Story “Oh my God, I’m about to be broke again”  |  @SFrosty215 Brand Marketing Advice  |   Hire Frosty Security  |  DO NOT drink with Frosty  |  The Elijah Dukes Story  |  @SundyCarter x @Saniyyah Produce The 4.24.11 “Funeral”??  |  The Infamous “Adesso Sh*t”  |  Where are all the workers?  |    |  Marketing Vs Promotion  |  @Snacks215 ‘s haircut  |  How Snacks got involved with the #LabelSlaves  |  Secret events  |  Where do you put weed if you get pulled over?  |

THE 4.24.11 FUNERAL???



This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. The @RobertGlasper Experiment Feat @OfficialMosDef – Black Radio

2. @ChillMoody Feat @HelloWorldMusic (Dilemma) – All Tonight

3. @KendrickLamar – Vanity Slave

Background Music Courtesy of:

The Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio


I Am Not A Rapper x DJ Qlassick Present: #ClassicFriday Vol. 20 #NotoriousQlassicks


@FunZachUniverse: Behind The Scenes Of #PodcastWednesdays w/@SelaHipHop Part 2 [Video]



As promised, Part 2 of the footage from #PodcastWednesdays (@DJNasteeNaj x @IAmNotARapper58 x @HeavyAsHeaven84 x @MelissaKSimmons) conversation with Sëla (@SelaHipHop) & guests hosts @MaybachMoody x @SFrosty215 x I (@FunZachUniverse). Enjoy.. more footage to come…



@FunZachUniverse: Behind The Scenes Of #PodcastWednesdays w/@SelaHipHop Part 1 [Video]



On Season 1, Episode 14 of #PodcastWednesdays, the team (@DJNasteeNaj x @IAmNotARapper58 x @HeavyAsHeaven84 x @MelissaKSimmons) interviewed Sëla (@SelaHipHop) w/ guests hosts @MaybachMoody x @SFrosty215 & of course me (@FunZachUniverse). The video above is some behind the scenes footage of the awesome conversation that took place… Stay tuned, Part 2 soon to come…