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#LadiesFirst – Season 1, Episode 2 – #ChildhoodsLost


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Our guests today on #LadiesFirst are

Kaliek Hayes

PictureKaliek Hayes was a once a troubled young man who overcame a hard past with overwhelming

support from famliy and friends. He walked thru the fire of the streets to develop a prolific idea which
brought light to the various challenges facing our youth while inspiring a brighter future. The story
Childhoodslost represents more than the tale of one boy or girl, it covers the effects of their families,
their communities, their environments and the results of their bad decsions not easily remedied. As
co-founder of Triplelink Productions, Kaliek is looking to change the face of entertainment with
content that captures the spirit of a new generation to pave a way to a brighter future .

Stephen Gardner

PictureStephen Gardner wears many hats from artist/ designer, writer, to excecutive producer on

numerous projects partner in the newly formed Triplelink Productions. There’s no challenge Steve
won’t take on but after his brother Kaliek Hayes came up with the ground breaking concept
Childhoodslost, it reinvigorated his passion to create something that would solidfiy his legacy.
Childhoodslost will break ground on all facets of life books, plays, films/documentaries, fashion and
music all supporting today’s youth in troubled times. There’s no greater reward than to save a life
and that’s what Childhoodslost was created to do and Steve is up for the task .

Santu Hayes

PictureSantu Hayes is a creative force with many talents from fashion designer to executive producer. As a

developer of new talent and co-founder of Triplelink Productions the world is not enough for this
young upstart. The former club promoter switched gears and and went full force into the world of
fashion working on a number of different lines, but was always looking for greater ways to express
himself. He fell in with his brothers Kaliek Hayes & Stephen Gardner bringing the world
Childhoodslost. Being a witness to the harsh realities of the streets, he is determed to set free the
bonds that hold its young down. Santu knows the stakes are high and knows our youth’s future are
not to be gambled with.


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Topics Discussed:  Childhoods Lost the play  |  Gun Control  |  Making it out of South Philly  |  Sandy Hook Hoax  |


This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Tanar Braxton – Love & War

2. Tony Williams feat. Kanye West, King Chip & Freddie Gibbs – Another You (Remix).

3. Sevyn Streeter – I Like It

4. Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J & T.I. – Pour It Up (Remix)


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