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#PODCASTWEDNESDAYS (@PODCASTWEDS) @PeaceNPhilly TownHall Meeting @Love_Park w/@NeoDaviso [RECAP AUDIO/VIDEO]


Tox Burner – Someone Save Us (Peace N Philly)

Note: #PodcastWednesdays will be broadcasting live from this event which you will be able to stream right here at

Would u like to help stop violence and senseless murders??
Peace N Philly isn’t just something to say it’s a movement that the city needs. Statistics show that there have already been 188 homicides in 2012. Philly is also ranked 3rd out of 50 states for high African American murder rates. The violence in the city has taken a lot of innocent lives, & people are afraid to go out. This is the city of brotherly love and we most restore the love and Peace. Everyday someone is losing a close friend or family member due to violence and this must be stopped!! We’re looking forward to seeing you & getting your opinion about what can be done to reduce violence at our Town hall meeting.

Thursday July 19th from 6p.m to 8p.m
Come out and help us come up with ideas on ways to stop the violence!!

1599 John F Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Peacenphilly @NeoDaviso @PodcastWeds

For more details you can contact Nehemiah Davis @215-791-0526

#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, E9 w/@ToxBurner – #TheBurnerSession


Yup Yup Yup. A wise man named President Barack Hussein Obama (or “Obama” as the news media refers to him) once said “If I had a podcast… it would sound like #PodcastWednesdays …”… or something like that. Welcoem back for another weekly escape from the norm. This week out guest co-host is MBMMC recording artist ToxBurner (@ToxBurner). Tox sat down with us as he prepares to release his first mainstream project from his series The AN.U.B.I.S. Chronicles: “Til Death Do Us Part 1” [EP]. Listen in as Tox gives us his most personal interview yet…


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This weeks musical interludes provided by: …. Tox Burner

1. Tox Burner – Why We Live To Die

2. Tox Burner – Power Of Thought

3. Tox Burner – Let It Be Known Feat E.Ness & Produkt

4. Tox Burner – Someone Save Us