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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) – S4, E9 – #OneDirection w/ @DJNasteeNaj

One Direction

Today we take a trip back to the pre-Gennelle (J) days when we were woman-less and Najee (@DJNasteeNaj) comes along for the ride. We just recently cracked the 40,000 Worldwide listener mark (thank you all for listening and supporting) and we decided to take a trip down memory lane as well…

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Topics Discussed:  Where are the heauxs on Memorial Day?  |  Afghan Kush  |  Michelle Obama on #PCW or for President?  |  The next woman on Podcast  |  Men can be raped by women  |  #LabelSlaves  |  Najee is a scientist  |  Cerebellum H2O does not come from the sink (asshole)  |  Tyler Perry: The Homeless Homosexual  |  Blair Vs Bombay  |  Najee likes Spit’s female twin (gay?)  |  Are women too tall?  |              


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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Donwill ft. Von Pea, NE$$ & Chill Moody – Kanye Rants

2. Robert Glasper Experiment Ft Common & Patrick Stump – I Stand Alone

3. Chill Moody – Easy Easy Freestyle

4. Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z – Murder

5. Drake – Worst Behavior





#PodcastWednesdays – S4,E2 – #OJDidIt …Oh & Btw #Happy40thBlair

#PodcastWednesdays S4 Ep 2

Today marks two milestones in Amerikkkan Black history. 1 the return to #PodcastWednesdays of the greatest & the whitest white man that ever lived (Sorry Michael McDonald) Kevin & also today is the 40th birthday of #PodcastWednesdays co-founder Blair a.k.a. darkness a.k.a. midnight a.k.a. Jerome Newport (blackest rap name ever). Help us celebrate once again… Enjoy

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Topics Discussed: No Country For A-Rod  |  Mansa Musa  | Spit killed Kim Jong IL | Playing footsies  |  PodcastWednesdays Season Premiere Event  |  Fake holidays  |  OJ Did It: Redux  |  KKKevin  |  6 Seasons And A Movie?  |  Najee is “Baker”  |  America has turned me into a racist  |  The man in the “Papi” store is not your dad  |  Before #PodcastWednesdays  |  Huntington Beach Riots  | & MORE!

Ay Kevin… You mad bro?


#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S 2, Ep 12 – #GottaCatchEmAll

#PodcastWednesdays“…You teach me and I’ll teach you.. po-ke-monnnn….Gotta ca-…”


you’re back again. We have to stop meeting like this. Welcome back for another episode of #PodcastWednesdays . This week the gang, sans Spit & Najee, is reporting live from the Queen’s castle and…it got SOOOO REAL.… Tune in above



Topics Discussed: One Man comedies  |  Pusha T Vs. Lil Wayne  |  Herman Cain got Donna Summer killed  |  Gay characters in comic books  |  Blair: “Black men are f*cking up”  |  The dynamics of a healthy relationship  |  Alternate endings to movies  |  Facebook stock  |  Mellissa’s dating game: “No More Black MEN!!!”  |  Who gets turned on by Prince?!?!  | 

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. XV – #OccupyMusic Feat Raja

2. Hit Boy – #JayZInterview

3. The Alchemist – Flight Confirmation feat Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q

#PodcastWednesdays Presents: #OffSeason – #TheExtras


Season 1 ended. Somebody got shot…. Are you surprised? Really? Do you know how many black people are involved in this show? Somebody was bound to get shot eventually. No fancy intro. Sponsored by @DollarTree as usual… & without further ado we present to you #TheExtras

Season 2….. Coming soon??

Feat @ReeceCJ @VixionAllure @HeavyAsHeaven84 @IAmNotARapper58 @DJNasteeNaj @FunZachUniverse @MaybachMoody @HankMcCoyBeats @Fuzzy_Flirt @Selahiphop (@Getlittle x @DreamchaserMJ x @TheSophant ) @SFrostyy215

Topics Include: Back To The Future  |  Michael Jackson  |  Podcast Names  |  Kevin’s love for Twilight  |  Lord Of The Rings & Harry Potter  |  Blair (@HeavyAsHeaven84) hates Luke Skywalker  |  Gay children‘s movies  |  R. Kelly – The pied piper  |  Najee (@DJNasteeNaj) = Naijenal, The Creator  |  How Good Women Are At Cheating  |  Cinemax Porn  |  Melissa (@MelissaKsimmons): “Its Bobby Brown‘s fault”  |  The @Miss_Shonnie Phone Call & MUCH MUCH MORE…

 Musical Interludes:

1. J. Cole (@JColeNC) – Grew Up Fast

2. Sela (@Selahiphop) – Grown Up Story (Crank Dat Superhero)

3.  Zebra Katz (@ZebraKatz) – Ima Read feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx

4. Spree Wilson (@SpreeWilson) – Sharpshooter