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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, E7 #FashionShow @Curran_J @HardwearFashion @MISSKiaDenise @CoutureNichols


You’ve been waiting for this moment since… about this time last week. Welcome back again to #PodcastWednesdays. This week we have #TheFashionShow with our guests Corrie Ellis (@HardwearFashion) – Head designer & Founder of Hardwear Fashion Inc, Curran J Swint (@Curran_J) – Founder/Creator of Kings Rule Together, Kia Denise (@MISSKiaDenise) – Fashion Blogger, & Couture Nichols (@CoutureNichols) – CEO of Couture Queen Enterprises/Ja’cqlene Doré Luxury Tresses

Learn everythintg you need to know about these young enterpreneurs by clicking the listen link above or HERE

Topics Discussed: Why you cant sign out of MySpace  |  How our guests got started in the fashion world  |  Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion Cash  |  Im good = I’m Gucci?!?!  |  Melissa Vs Spit: TwitterBeef  |  The homosexual philadelphia takeover  |  Diddy’s house mansion was broken into  |  AND MUCH MORE!

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. @MattandKim – Good Ol Fashion Nightmare

2. @Nas – Another Black Girl Lost

3. S. Vic – Materialistic


@TylerPerry Presents: #PodcastWednesdays Najienal, The Creator’s (@DJNasteeNaj) Hit Remakes


Happy Monday B!

Today we have a little treat for you. Its short… but so is your attention span. Now, we cannot fairly put this all on Najee (@DJNasteeNaj)…because this is more like quartet with Blair (@HeavyAsHeaven84), Frosty (@SFrosty215) & Zach (@FunZachUniverse). For the record, Spit (@IAmNotARapper58) had nothing to do with this…umm…yeah.

Full episode on Wednesday… Stay tuned…

#PodcastWednesdays Presents: #OffSeason – #TheExtras


Season 1 ended. Somebody got shot…. Are you surprised? Really? Do you know how many black people are involved in this show? Somebody was bound to get shot eventually. No fancy intro. Sponsored by @DollarTree as usual… & without further ado we present to you #TheExtras

Season 2….. Coming soon??

Feat @ReeceCJ @VixionAllure @HeavyAsHeaven84 @IAmNotARapper58 @DJNasteeNaj @FunZachUniverse @MaybachMoody @HankMcCoyBeats @Fuzzy_Flirt @Selahiphop (@Getlittle x @DreamchaserMJ x @TheSophant ) @SFrostyy215

Topics Include: Back To The Future  |  Michael Jackson  |  Podcast Names  |  Kevin’s love for Twilight  |  Lord Of The Rings & Harry Potter  |  Blair (@HeavyAsHeaven84) hates Luke Skywalker  |  Gay children‘s movies  |  R. Kelly – The pied piper  |  Najee (@DJNasteeNaj) = Naijenal, The Creator  |  How Good Women Are At Cheating  |  Cinemax Porn  |  Melissa (@MelissaKsimmons): “Its Bobby Brown‘s fault”  |  The @Miss_Shonnie Phone Call & MUCH MUCH MORE…

 Musical Interludes:

1. J. Cole (@JColeNC) – Grew Up Fast

2. Sela (@Selahiphop) – Grown Up Story (Crank Dat Superhero)

3.  Zebra Katz (@ZebraKatz) – Ima Read feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx

4. Spree Wilson (@SpreeWilson) – Sharpshooter


@FunZachUniverse: Behind The Scenes Of #PodcastWednesdays w/@SelaHipHop Part 2 [Video]



As promised, Part 2 of the footage from #PodcastWednesdays (@DJNasteeNaj x @IAmNotARapper58 x @HeavyAsHeaven84 x @MelissaKSimmons) conversation with Sëla (@SelaHipHop) & guests hosts @MaybachMoody x @SFrosty215 x I (@FunZachUniverse). Enjoy.. more footage to come…



@FunZachUniverse: Behind The Scenes Of #PodcastWednesdays w/@SelaHipHop Part 1 [Video]



On Season 1, Episode 14 of #PodcastWednesdays, the team (@DJNasteeNaj x @IAmNotARapper58 x @HeavyAsHeaven84 x @MelissaKSimmons) interviewed Sëla (@SelaHipHop) w/ guests hosts @MaybachMoody x @SFrosty215 & of course me (@FunZachUniverse). The video above is some behind the scenes footage of the awesome conversation that took place… Stay tuned, Part 2 soon to come…