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#PodcastWednesdays – S4,E1 – #MCHG, #Yeezus, #TheGifted, #BornSinner Oh My! [Season 4 Premiere]

#PodcastWednesdaysAnnnnd we’re back! Season: Four, Episode: One – #MCHG, #Yeezus, #TheGifted, #BornSinner Oh My! [Season 4 Premiere] – The Podcast Wednesdays crew had an engaging album review session about Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail as well as Wale’s The Gifted and J. Cole’s Born Sinner with Sëla (MJ Harris, David Little, and Margel Sophant) & Frosty LIVE from our NEW website & our NEW studio on South St in Philly.

Come check out why Jay-Z is the Steve Jobs of Rap, J. Cole is the new Memphis Bleek, Samsung users are not special,  David feels as though Yeezy was “drawlin'”, Kanye having an identity crisis and also come listen to MJ’s strong views on J. Cole.  All you have to do is to follow the link below, click play, and allow us to bring some joy into your day. Welcome back to #PodcastWednesdays… Forward this to your coworkers accordingly.

ALSO: If you’re in Philly and would like to celebrate the Season Premiere with us tonight, the event begins at 7pm at our studio CRED Philly 325 South St Phila, Pa at 7pm. See you there


Topics Discussed:    Is Kanye having an identity crisis?  Gem: Rick Rubin fixed Yeezus 15 days before release  |  Frosty doesn’t listen to music he just skims through it  |  “That jawn was drawlin”  |  #PCW Gem: Jay-Z is the Steve Jobs of Rap  |  Philly rappers cant write songs  |  Kim drove Kanye crazy and made KimYe  |  Peedi Crakk & Black Thought: Godfathers?  |  Free French Montana concert vs paying to do something else  |  Samsung users: You are not special  |  Instagram Vs Vine  |  J. Cole is the new Memphis Bleek  |  Children wit Erykah Badu


#PodcastWednesdays #HangoutsLive w/Director @StephenVittoria @LDRMovie [Video] (Presented By @Google)

Yesterday, #PodcastWednesdays sat down with Director/Producer Stephen Vittoria to discuss his latest film Mumia” Long Distance Revolutionary” which debuts today in Philadelphia for a week long run.


#PodcastWednesdays S3,Ep 12 #CityOfLightsREmix w/@AffairsOfIsis @SincerelyReeta @AmiGoLightly @DJ_G33k

Wasup yall? Whats it gonna be? Now whose on the line with the homies PC….W? …Do ya’ll remember Al B Sylk from 103.9 back in the day? Good, neither does #PodcastWednesdays

Aaaanywho, so Danielle Jeter, friend to the show (No Wendy), commissioned us to broadcast live from her company Affairs Of Isis Events’ launch event at The Philadelphia Magic Gardens. We had so much fun, & so many people commented on it, we decided to run it back for those who may have missed it.



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Topics Discussed: Speaking spanish makes you Spanish  |  Penn is better than Temple  |  PCW matchmakers  |  Syreeta is married to #PodcastWednesdays  |  New merchandise  |


This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Margel TheSophant – Busy Feat Zilla Rocca & David Little

2. Dope Dizzle – Dizzy Rascals

3. The Game – Hallelujah

4. Freeway – Early







#PodcastWednesdays #MNF Preview: @HankMcCoyBeats Vs @PhillySK @EvanPolk – “Black QBs Are Dumb”


This is a preview of what you can expect from the #PodcastWednesdays 1 Year Anniversary episode… Hank McCoy attemps to “explain” his theory about the superiority of white quarterbacks.. Just in time for Monday Night Football


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Featuring Unreleased GKMC (Good Kid m.a.a.d. city)

Bonus Song: Kendrick Lamar – County Building Blues

Also featuring new music from Chill Moody, GoGo Morrow, Aquil, Antwan Davis, Asia Sparks & ,more…


Hurricane Beat battle. 6 producers flipped the same sample, who did it best?





#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) Season 3,Episode 1- #LiveFromTheBeeeyotch w/@TyroneSmart @ChillMoody @AshleyL_ & More


Welcome back welcome back welcome baaaaack! Looking spiffy there Ms/Mr *insert your name here*. Welcome back to #PodcastWednesdays for Season 3. We have alot of surprises in store for you and this first episode is just a taste. This episode was recorded on Podcast Wednesdays private beach which you may be invited to if you win our mid-season contest… maybe… Plug in, Tune out and enjoy!!!

Favorite quote of Season 3 so far comes from a frequent guest and friend of the show @ChillMoody “Yo, dont drink that beer….cause its lighter fluid”


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Topics Discussed: Project X  |  Where a wrong turn in the Bermuda Triangle leads  |  The Tickle Monster  |  Who cant swim?  |  What is the “Wobble” dance?  |  New rules at Fat Tuesdays  |  Murder at PYT  |  Gay comic book hereos  |  Flavorless Gum  |  Chill Moody’s upcoming projects & why he is an X-Man  |  Moni lost her iPhone…in the water  |  The new “Youth Study Center”  |  & MUCH MUCH MORE…




This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Jay-Z – 1 Kings

2. Chill Moody – A Tribe Called Nice Things

3. Andre 3000 – Sixteen

4. Kanye West – Birthday Song

#PodcastWednesdays Presents: I Am Not A Mixtape Vol. 1 (w/@SeanFalyon) [STREAM/DOWNLOAD]


DOWNLOAD LINK: #PodcastWednesdays Presents: I Am Not A Mixtape Vol. 1

Mixtape: PodcastWednesdays – GetRightMusic

Annnnd We’re BACK! This is the end, not the end of #PodcastWednesdays but the end of season two. Instead of ending season two with extra clips from this season; we’re ending it with some good music and fun interlude clips. Since we talk and talk and do more talking each and every episode of Podcast Wednesdays; we decided to do a switch by giving you all more music and less talking.

Four members of Podcast Wednesdays picked three songs each and Spit’s three songs came from three winners for the unsigned artist contest. Sprinkle this mixtape with five different personalities and SHAZAM! Podcast Wednesdays Presents: I Am Not A Mixtape Vol. 1.

Do you think you know each member of #PodcastWednesdays? Do you think you can figure out who chose which song?

Peace, share, and enjoy!

See you guys in season three!


The Tracks

Najinal the Creator Intro
Matt & Kim – Daylight
Common – The Light

Interlude N!gger.
Goose Featuring The Medley – CHANGES
Jay Electronica Featuring Jay-Z & The-Dream – Shiny Suit Theory

The International MC – With You
#StateOfTheLightSkinnedAddress Interlude
FrankOcean Featuring Andre 3000 – Pink Matter

Animal Collective – My Girls
Talib Kweli Featuring Faith – We know
Walk the Moon – Anna Sun
MC Missy Interlude
Scienze x King I Divine – Hero
AZ – Can’t Stop
Legit – Soul of Revelations
Gay Interlude

Twin Shadow – Patient
Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sean Falyon (@SeanFalyon) Interview Outro


#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, Ep 14 #LegallyConscious w/@DpJeter @AffairsofIsis

Affairs Of Isis Events

What time is it?? Well, its 11:11 (somewhere) and on Wednesdays mornings you know what that means!! #PodcastWednesdays time!! Today on part 1 of another 2 part show, We have the lovely descendant of the Queen Goddess Isis, Danielle Jeter. Danielle ,Dani for short, is the Government & Regulatory Affairs  coordinator at Comcast, Founder/CEO of “Affairs Of Isis Events”, Radio One Phila Producer of Court Radio w/ @MyPhillyLawyer & Philly Speaks w/ @EStevenCollins, & MUCH MUCH More! (She does waaaaay too much for me to type it all, sound familiar?)


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Topics Discussed: New Age Cooning | How Dr Malachi York had his land stolen in Atlanta |  Pursuing a passion since childhood  |  The Miami man who had his face eaten by a homeless man  |  Minstrel shows  |  Glee has a reality show  |  What does S.W.A.G. mean?  |  Reasons NOT to do bath salts  |  Phrases Spit hates  |  Being Gay Vs Acting Gay For Fame  |  Blair: “They should make a reality show for muslim wives”

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad

2. Jay Electronica – Love Czars II Feat Sa-Ra


Come back tomorrow for more…















#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, E7 #FashionShow @Curran_J @HardwearFashion @MISSKiaDenise @CoutureNichols


You’ve been waiting for this moment since… about this time last week. Welcome back again to #PodcastWednesdays. This week we have #TheFashionShow with our guests Corrie Ellis (@HardwearFashion) – Head designer & Founder of Hardwear Fashion Inc, Curran J Swint (@Curran_J) – Founder/Creator of Kings Rule Together, Kia Denise (@MISSKiaDenise) – Fashion Blogger, & Couture Nichols (@CoutureNichols) – CEO of Couture Queen Enterprises/Ja’cqlene Doré Luxury Tresses

Learn everythintg you need to know about these young enterpreneurs by clicking the listen link above or HERE

Topics Discussed: Why you cant sign out of MySpace  |  How our guests got started in the fashion world  |  Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion Cash  |  Im good = I’m Gucci?!?!  |  Melissa Vs Spit: TwitterBeef  |  The homosexual philadelphia takeover  |  Diddy’s house mansion was broken into  |  AND MUCH MORE!

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IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE, USE THE HASHTAGS #PodcastWednesdays #FashionShow or #DifferentWorld on Twitter or mention one of us @PodcastWeds @DjNasteeNaj @HeavyAsHeaven84 @MelissaKSimmons @IAmNotARapper58 @Curran_J @HardwearFashion @MISSKiaDenise @CoutureNichols


This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. @MattandKim – Good Ol Fashion Nightmare

2. @Nas – Another Black Girl Lost

3. S. Vic – Materialistic